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Why Missing Teeth Problems Make you Look Old

Have you noticed that people with missing teeth look old, aside from appearing to be extremely unhealthy? If you have missing teeth, you might have discovered that your appearance suddenly took a turn for the worse when your smile became filled with unsightly toothless gaps. It is also easy to assume that a toothless person is much older than his or her actual age, because of the negative effects on the appearance that missing teeth can bring.

When you lose your natural teeth, a significantly negative impact can immediately be seen on your smile. Regardless of how white or healthy the rest of your remaining teeth appear to be, the toothless gaps will be the center of attention when you open your mouth, or when you smile. Spaces or gaps between your teeth, and being toothless in general, is synonymous to advanced age – making you look instantly older when you have missing teeth.

Long-term tooth loss causes jawbone deterioration. This is because the jawbone lacks the stimulation it needs to maintain its healthy structure. As the bone deteriorates, it becomes thinner. Parts of your mouth area that suffer from jawbone deterioration take on a sunken, shrivelled look that dramatically changes your appearance into a much older countenance. Dental implants at the Dental Implant Group offer permanent solutions to missing teeth problems, restoring your smile and making your smile look much healthier and a lot younger.

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