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Terms and Conditions


Treatment 1 Year Guarantee (On completion of treatment)

*Subject to Terms & Conditions Stated Below:
Your implant treatment will be guaranteed for one year, on completion of treatment, providing you maintain your dentition and oral hygiene by seeing the dentist & oral hygienist twice a year, and also your general health remains satisfactory.

Any crowns and bridgework on Implants, is also guaranteed for one year. However, please note that damage to crowns or bridgework due to trauma, natural wear and tear including chipping and staining is not included. However, complete fracture of the crown within a period of one year which necessitates a replacement, is included.

Restorations i.e. crowns, dentures or bridgework have a shelf life of 5-10 years, and so, after that, may require replacement in any case due to gum margin and bone loss. Often the restorations lose their shine, lustre and aesthetic quality.

Smoking is a contraindication to the longevity of teeth and health of gums.

With good care, your dental treatment including the crowns and veneers should give you a satisfactory smile for many years.

The terms and Conditions are as follows:

You must maintain your dentition in a healthy state. You must attend for six monthly dental examinations with the dentist, and the hygienist or as advised. Failure to adhere to these terms would render the guarantee void.

1. Failure of implants due to general health conditions is excluded.

2. Failure of implants due to excessive smoking or failure to maintain good oral hygiene is excluded.

3. Damage of crowns/bridges due to trauma or external force is excluded.

4. Damage to crowns due to natural wear and tear is excluded including chipping and staining. However significant fracture of a crown that requires replacement is included.

5. If a replacement of an implant or crown is required under the warranty this will be provided with no charge for time, materials or laboratory costs.

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