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Your Experience at The Dental Implant Group in London

We are setting the standards in high-quality personalised Implant Dentistry (for replacing missing teeth) in the UK.

We offer some of the greatest expertise by world-class surgeons headed by Dr Vekaria at affordable price options/levels that are made absolutely clear. 0% Finance is also offered.

Long-term missing teeth solutions for those who:

  • Have gum disease
  • Have oral heath problems
  • Wear dentures and are looking for an alternative
  • Have lost their teeth due to smoking
  • Have lost their teeth due to a medical condition
  • Have lost their teeth due to an acciden

We are happy to spend time to give you advice and guidance so that you can make informed choices at your own pace.

We have an unparalleled level of experience to completely rebuild not just your teeth and smile but to rebuild your jaw bone that can support your new teeth implants for a long time.

Overall yes we can create an aesthetically pleasing smile with hand-crafted crowns or bridges, but just as important is to offer you Implants that will have long term predictable and healthy results, so you can smile and chew with confidence for many years.

Why not get a second opinion? You can book a complimentary consultation with Dr Vekaria who will happily listen to your exceptions and show you what is possible for your condition.

How can we help you today?

Your Free Consultation (From Home or In-Clinic)

We are here to help you on your dental journey and appreciate you taking the first step.

Your initial consultation will introduce you to the dental implant expert, who will listen attentively and patiently to your desires, needs, and concerns and try to understand them. X-rays are usually taken to facilitate the discussion.

Your case will be discussed, problems identified and a range of relevant options presented to you for consideration. CM Your input is essential and encouraged so that any plan finalised is the one that is right for your individual circumstances

Detailed Assessment & Treatment Planning

The consultation process will allow you to have a greater understanding of dental implants, alternative treatments, advantages and disadvantages of different modalities both implants and non-implants, timing, procedures, and costs.

You are better informed and are in a position to make the correct choices about the treatment plan that’s best for you.

You will be provided with all the necessary treatment and financial details and a written treatment plan will be provided for you to consider prior to any treatment commencing. We will also give you payment options so you can choose which one best suits your preference.

From our end, the first consultation is our chance to get to know each other better so we can build a relationship based on trust – because we know that trusting your dental care provider will eventually give you the peace of mind to go through with the life-changing results that a dental implant can bring.

Day of Surgery

We will fully appreciate that the treatment day can be quite anxious and stressful for patients, so please be rest assured that we will be here to guide you, care for you and support you every step of the way.

Post Operative Care

Following your surgery, an experienced member of the team will carefully go through your post-operative instructions and medication with you. You will also be given an out-of-office number, in case you need to have any urgent questions, or a cause to call.

Call us today on: 0203 991 1294

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We have clinics in London Victoria and Angel Islington
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