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Are you Worried about the Dental Implant Treatment?

A dental implant treatment is one of the best things you can choose to do for your smile, health, and confidence. Implants restore the healthy form and function of your smile and can prevent other problems such as jawbone deterioration. However, the surgical nature of the implant placement may not be something that everyone looks forward to undertaking. If you are an anxious patient worried about the upcoming implant treatment, Dental Implant Group offers conscious sedation to help ease your fears.

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What is Conscious Sedation?

Conscious sedation is a nervous patient care treatment option to help the patients have a more positive experience with their dental implant placement, and with other dental treatments as well. As the name suggests, the patient remains fully conscious with this type of sedation. A sedative is administered through an IV line while being monitored by a qualified and experienced anaesthesiologist. Under conscious sedation, you will feel free of negative fears and concerns so your treatment can go as planned without you suffering from a panic attack – you will be completely comfortable and worry-free. As you are still fully conscious, you will also be able to understand the dentist’s instructions and comments throughout the procedure.

The sedative’s effects will wear off after the implant placement. By then, you will not remember any negative parts of the procedure and will be left with a calm feeling to make your overall dental implant treatment a truly positive experience.

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