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When is a Sinus Graft Needed?

Prior to the placement of dental implants, there are times when one or more supporting treatments are needed. The treatment may be necessary for safety reasons, or to ensure the success of the implant placement. One such supporting treatment is the sinus graft, which involves lifting the sinus membrane to expose the sinus floor, where the sinus graft material will be placed. The graft material will improve the height of the sinus area so that implants can successfully and safely be placed after the material has fully integrated with the surrounding bone tissue.


Why is there a need for a sinus graft procedure? The main objective of this method is to improve the height of the sinus area so that there will be enough bone height and volume to support the successful placement of dental implants. The bone in this area may have thinned due to a variety of reasons, such as bone deterioration due to gum disease. The bone structure may also become thinner due to multiple tooth extractions because each extraction results in the resorption of the surrounding bone tissue. There are also cases when the patient’s sinus area is naturally thin, and placing implants will be very difficult or almost impossible to manage.

The sinus grafting procedure is needed to make the sinus area fit to support the placement of dental implants. This supporting treatment will make it possible for the implant treatment to proceed safely and successfully, so you can then start to reap all the benefits of having dental implants as your missing teeth solutions.

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