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Mini Implants to Secure your Big Smiles

When you lose your teeth, you will understandably want to get teeth replacements in the soonest possible time, without any waiting period that will involve you being toothless. Dentures can bring back the normal use and appearance of your smile after tooth loss, and it can be completed in a non-invasive, quick manner. However, because dentures are removable and not attached to the jawbone, problems with its proper fit will eventually develop for the denture wearer.

Those who wear dentures for a long period of time will eventually have to deal with the discomfort brought by improper fit. The dentures loosen with time as the jawbone underneath deteriorates, becoming thinner without the stimulation coming from tooth roots (which were lost along with the teeth). Loose dentures move uncomfortably inside the mouth and can cause embarrassment for the wearer. Denture wear can be improved with the help of dental implants to secure them in place.

Mini implants are ideal for securing dentures or a dental bridge in place, to put an end to loose denture problems that are painful and embarrassing to deal with. The smaller in diameter implants are attached to the jawbone using a minimally-invasive method, and these implants will be used to lock the teeth replacements in place, attached to the jawbone. Securing your teeth restorations with dental implants will enable you to enjoy your life even more with big, confident smiles – without worrying about the discomfort and embarrassment of loose dentures.

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