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Sinus and Bone Grafting
For People with a Small Amount of Jawbone

After teeth have been removed, the supporting bone around the teeth slowly dissolves away. This also occurs when prolonged gum problems have been present. 

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Sinus Grafting

It is possible to increase the height of bone available in the upper jaw above the back teeth by creating new bone in the sinus. This procedure is called a Sinus Grafting and was pioneered by The Dental Implant Group’s Dr Hilt Tatum. This procedure allows dental implants to be placed in areas otherwise inaccessible.

Bone Grafting (Onlay Bone Grafting)

When teeth are not present in the mouth, the supporting jawbone around the teeth slowly dissolves away due to lack of exercise. This also occurs with some gum problems. The result is insufficient bone to support dental implants. Bone may be grown allowing implants to be placed later. Specially treated bone from a bone bank may be placed in the area where bone is deficient.

The added bone is left to integrate with the natural jawbone before implants are placed. Depending on the amount of bone being grown implants may be placed after four to nine months. Occasionally it may be necessary to wait a little longer.

Implants are left to become firmly attached to bone for a number of months before a denture or crown and bridgework is fitted to them.

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