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What Causes Dental Fear?

The fear of going to the dentist can result in neglected oral health. A nervous patient may find it extremely difficult to go to the dentist for even a routine checkup and may find ways to avoid going through the necessary dental treatments. At the Dental Implant Group in London, conscious sedation is offered to make the treatment experience a more comfortable and pleasant one for a nervous patient.

dental fear

What causes dental fear? Here are some of the most common factors that contribute to a person’s fear of dentists, or of dental treatments:

Fear of Pain – The idea of going through a painful dental treatment is one of the major fears of anxious patients. Those who have a low threshold for pain will find it hard to willingly expose themselves to a potentially painful experience with a dental treatment.

Fear of the Dental Drill – The sounds coming from the dental drill can raise the anxiety level of a patient who is already nervous, while the discomfort that can be caused by the drill’s vibrations can further aggravate the dental fear.

Embarrassment – A nervous patient may find it embarrassing to let a dentist see the condition of his or her teeth, especially if oral health has been neglected (which may also be a result of dental fear).

Previous Bad Experiences – Previous experiences with painful dental treatments, or going to a dentist who seems abrupt and uncaring, can make a person fearful of future trips to the dental clinic.

Do you have dental fear? Are you afraid of the dentist, or of going through a dental treatment? Speak to us about Conscious IV Sedation by calling 0800 731 5388, or email us here>

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