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3D Imaging and Implant Placement

The success of dental implants placement is significantly affected by the images obtained during the treatment planning or diagnostic phase of the treatment. The information that the implant dentist gets from the images will help in the proper planning of the implant treatment, and aids in the highly accurate placement of the implants using a surgical procedure.


The Dental Implant Group is one of the only few dental practices in the UK to have an in-house i-CAT Cone Beam CT Scanner. This machine obtains clear three dimensional images that give highly precise information about the patient’s oral anatomy, unlike the two-dimensional images that conventional dental X-ray machines achieve which can sometimes give distorted information and images. The placement of dental implants is carried out in a more efficient manner, which at the same time is also safer for the patient, with the help of 3D imaging by a dental CT scan.

Treatment planning is managed in a more efficient way with the images obtained from the i-CAT Cone Beam CT Scanner, and the following information can be determined with ease:

  • The precise location where the implants should be placed
  • What angle the implant should be inserted into the jawbone
  • The length and width of the implant to be used
  • The quality or density of the jawbone, and if it is sufficient for implant placement
  • Location of sensitive parts, such as nerves
  • What prosthetic restoration hardware system will be used for the patient’s particular implant requirement

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