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What are Bredent Fast and Fixed Implants?

Do you want to solve your missing teeth problems with dental implants? Are you looking for ways to get the benefits of implants, but are wary of the long healing period involved? A treatment with Bredent Fast & Fixed implants at the Dental Implant Group in London may just be the missing teeth solution you are looking for.

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Bredent Fast & Fixed implants enable the implants and the corresponding teeth replacements to be attached within the same day. This means that you can enjoy the functional and aesthetic benefits of your brand new smile after just one dental appointment with the Fast & Fixed implant system. There is no need to wait for a healing period that can take months to be completed, as the implants heal and integrate with the surrounding tissue. Within a few hours, you can go out of the DIG clinic wearing an attractive, healthier-looking smile and say goodbye to missing teeth problems!

The Bredent Fast & Fixed system uses angled implant abutments that take advantage of the existing jawbone structure – so that the need for more complicated procedures such as a bone graft can be eliminated. The Fast & Fixed treatment is ideal for those with jawbone deterioration problems, which can make the placement of conventional implants very difficult to nearly impossible to do. Problems with loose dentures are also solved with the help of this implant system, which secures the teeth restorations in place for more comfortable and more confident denture use.

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