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Restore your Youthful Smiles with Dental Implants

Your smile has a huge impact on how attractive you can be. If your teeth are misshapen, crooked, or stained, what can potentially be a beautiful smile easily turns into something unattractive – and can even add years to your appearance. Missing teeth problems have the same effect – if you have several or all missing teeth, you will instantly look much older than your actual age.

Do you feel that you look much older because of the condition of your teeth, or because you have missing teeth? Are your ill-fitting dentures making you look more advanced in age? You can restore the youthfulness and attractiveness of your appearance with a dental implant treatment at the Dental Implant Group London, so you can once again have the confidence to smile at the world whenever you wish to do so.

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Dental implants restore the proper form and function of the smile, after the loss of several or all-natural teeth. Missing a few or all teeth can give your face a shrunken appearance, and make you look very old and unhealthy. Long-term tooth loss also contributes to this older look – as the jawbone gets thinner without the stimulation from tooth roots, the lips and cheeks will take on a hollow appearance.

The implants replace the function of the tooth roots and stimulate the jawbone to prevent jawbone deterioration or thinning. The teeth restoration (dental crowns or a dental bridge) attached to the implants replace the function and form of lost teeth, restoring natural-looking smiles that bring back a younger appearance.

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