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Confidently Secure Smiles with Mini Implants

Do you wear dentures? If so, then you may experience some changes in the way your dentures fit, especially if you have already been using them for a few years. As the dentures are not attached to your jaw, they have more chances to move around inside your mouth as your jawbone starts to thin with the passage of time. The jawbone deteriorates because it lacks stimulation from tooth roots, which have been lost along with your natural teeth.

Is there anything you can do to deal with the pain and embarrassment of loose dentures? Mini implants at the Dental Implant Group can be used to secure your teeth replacement so you can have a better quality of life, without worrying about removable dentures that are constantly giving you discomfort and embarrassment.

mini implants

Mini dental implants are attached to your jawbone and are then used to provide a stable base for your teeth restorations. The smaller implants can be attached to a fixed bridge to replace the form and function of missing teeth in a way that will not cause embarrassment and pain in the long run, because the fixed teeth restorations will not move unexpectedly inside your mouth.

Mini implants will also work in preventing or stopping jawbone deterioration, by providing the bone with stimulation so it retains its healthy structure. The prevention of jawbone deterioration will help keep your natural-looking bone structure, and prevent the hollowed-out (and prematurely aged) look on the face of some people who have missing teeth.

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