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Proper Care after Tooth Extraction

After a tooth extraction procedure, you will have to be careful and observe specific steps to prevent complications from developing. The worst may be over in terms of the tooth removal, but you will still need to take it slow immediately after the procedure to ensure that you are not overtaxing your body and the extraction area specifically. This way, your body can go through the natural healing process without being subjected to additional stress.

What can you do for proper care after a tooth extraction?

  • Sleep or rest with your head elevated to prevent putting unnecessary pressure on your jaw. You may use several pillows under your head to ensure that it stays elevated for the time being as you rest.
  • Do not gargle or rinse your mouth for the first 24 hours immediately after the tooth removal. This is to prevent the removal of the blood clot which has formed on the extraction site. Accidental removal of the blood clot can lead to a slower healing process or worse, a dry socket condition.
  • You can place an ice pack or cold compress on your cheek area where the tooth is extracted to reduce the swelling. If the area is not swollen anymore but still feels stiff or sore, you can turn to apply a warm compress instead.
  • Go for a liquid or soft diet for the first 48 hours immediately following the tooth extraction to keep the extraction site and wound from being bothered by hard food items.
  • You can still brush your teeth and floss but do so very carefully to avoid touching the area where the tooth was extracted from.

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