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Signs of Dental Implant Problems

Going for a dental implant treatment may be the best decision you will make if you want to stop tooth loss problems. The dental implants are placed into your jawbone so serve as a secure base to where the teeth replacements, such as a dental bridge or dental crowns, will be connected. After their placement, the implants will need to be cared for just like your natural teeth – with good oral health habits and regular implant dentist check-ups. However, there may be instances when the implants fail. In these cases, it is best to determine the presence of a problem as soon as possible for early intervention.

How will you know if there is something wrong with your dental implants? Usually, your first clue is when the implant (and the tooth restoration) starts to move. Any mobility associated with the implant means that it may have failed to integrate with the surrounding bone tissue. The movement may hardly be noticeable at first and may only be detected by your dentist. As time passes, the wobbling will increase until there is no way you can ignore its movement anymore.

Other symptoms of dental implant failure include swelling, pain and the presence of infection on the location of the implant. However, as the first and slightest movement may only be detected by a professional, it is best to keep your regular appointments with your implant dentist to ensure that any problems regarding your dental implants will be diagnosed in the earliest possible time. This way, the proper treatment can also be given to prevent complications from developing.

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