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Choose Dental Implants to Keep your Smile in Place

Missing teeth problems can affect not only your smile, but other aspects of your life as well – such as your self-confidence. Tooth loss can make you feel insecure with the knowledge that your smile is incomplete. Dentures can quickly make your smile complete again so you can confidently interact with other people. The removable teeth replacement is designed to fit comfortably in your mouth for a natural-looking and improved smile after tooth loss.

However, the way dentures fit change over time. Because they are removable and only made to sit on top of the gums, they are affected by how the jawbone changes with time – such as when the bone becomes thinner because it lacks stimulation from the lost tooth roots. While the bone underneath progressively deteriorates, the way the dentures fit become affected as well. This results in loose dentures that tend to move uncontrollably inside your mouth, causing embarrassment and discomfort with every movement.

There is a way to keep your dentures or teeth restorations in place – with the help of dental implants. These titanium tooth roots are placed into the jawbone directly to form a firm anchor where the tooth restorations can be attached to. And because they are embedded into the bone tissue, they – and the attached teeth restorations – are guaranteed to stay put. When you choose dental implants as your missing teeth solution, you can say goodbye to the discomfort and embarrassment brought by loose dentures as you welcome confident smiles.

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