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Common Causes of Swollen Gums

Do your gums look healthy? Or do they look swollen and red all the time? Swollen gum symptoms are the earliest signs of gum disease, which is why it is very important to get the proper treatment before the condition can worsen into something much more complicated. If left untreated, gum disease can progress into periodontitis, and may even lead to the loss of natural teeth. Knowing the cause of swollen gums can help you avoid having to deal with this uncomfortable and unsightly dental problem.

Poor oral hygiene is one of the leading causes of swollen gums. If the teeth, gums, and mouth are not thoroughly cleaned, food debris and pieces are left to attract harmful bacteria to multiply. The inflammation on gums signifies that there is already an infection in the area, especially if regular tooth brushing and flossing are not practised. Irregular dental visits and infrequent hygiene treatments may also lead to gum problems.

A vitamin C deficiency may also be the culprit for swollen gums. If you do not get the recommended vitamin C dose from your diet, you can ask your physician if it is okay for you to take vitamin C supplements. Inflamed gums may also be the result of a reaction to a medication you are taking; if this is the case, you can ask your doctor if it is possible to switch to another form of medication that will not make your gums swollen.

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