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Advantages of Dental Implants over Removable Dentures

Removable dentures can complete your smile if you are suffering from the loss of several, or all of your natural teeth. These dental prosthetics replace the form and function of missing teeth in a short period of time. However, removable dentures have the tendency to become loose with long-term use. If you have been using your dentures several years, you may notice that are starting to move with even the slightest mouth activity. Loose denture problems are caused mainly by the deterioration of the jawbone underneath.

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Are you looking for a better solution for your missing teeth problems? At the Dental Implant Group in London, we offer dental implants instead of removable dentures to solve viagra pills your tooth loss problems. The dental implants are firmly attached to the jawbone, providing a secure connection to teeth replacements such as dental crowns, or a fixed dental bridge. You will not have to worry about your teeth slipping or your smile moving on its own when your teeth restorations are secured with dental implants.

The issue of jawbone deterioration after tooth loss is not addressed with removable dentures. However, dental implants make sure that this problem will not start – or at the very least, prevented from worsening – by continuously stimulating the jawbone. This stimulation maintains the good quality of the jawbone to prevent bone deterioration after multiple tooth loss.

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