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3D Imaging for Implant Treatments

The placement of dental implants is a surgical procedure that requires the utmost precision. Even before the actual placement of the implants, the implant dentist will need a clear image of a patient’s oral cavity and jawbone anatomy to be able to determine where the implants will need to be placed. Clear images of a patient’s oral anatomy will also enable the dentist to see if there are any sensitive areas that need to be avoided, to prevent injuries or complications as the implants are put into place.

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3D imaging takes the guesswork out of an implant treatment. The clear images obtained through dental CT scans are highly-accurate, giving the dentist a clear idea of the patient’s oral anatomy up to the jawbone structure. Preparation for the implants treatment becomes more precise, and the dentist will be able to map out the course of the implant placement using the 3D images as a guide. The margin for error is significantly reduced with the help of 3D imaging.

The implant treatment is made much safer with 3D images. Sensitive parts of the anatomy, such as nerves on the jaw area, can be avoided during the implant placement when their locations are pinpointed early on in the treatment preparation. The need for additional procedures such as a bone graft will also be determined with the help of images from 3D dental CT scans.

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