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Procedure for Sinus Grafting

Sinus grafting is an advanced procedure used in preparation for a dental implant treatment. This treatment is done at the Dental Implant Group London in cases when the patient’s upper jawbone height is not enough to support the placement of dental implants. Also called sinus lift, this procedure involves the addition of bone grafting material to the maxillary sinus area through surgery.

sinus or bone graft

Steps in a Sinus Grafting Procedure

  • The sinus and upper jaw areas of the patient will need to be examined prior to the sinus grafting. Detailed images will be obtained through the use of dental CT scans, which produce precise 3D images.
  • A surgical procedure before the actual implant treatment will be done if the bone grafting material to be used will come from the patient. The bone tissue will usually be harvested from the patient’s leg or hip area. If the grafting material will come from another donor or source, there is no need for this surgery prior to the implant placement.
  • Surgical incisions will be made on the gums to make the sinus area, and the bone underneath, accessible for the bone graft.
  • Sinus graft material will be added to the area to improve its height and bone quality.
  • After the addition of the grafting material, the gums will be stitched closed.
  • A healing period which usually lasts four months follows, to allow the graft material to successfully integrate with the surrounding tissue.
  • After the completion of the healing period, dental implants will then be attached to the improved jawbone area to solve missing teeth problems.

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