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Why Choose Mini Dental Implants?

The quality of the jawbone is crucial with a dental implant treatment. It will be very difficult to almost impossible to place the implants if the jawbone is thin, and if there is not enough jawbone height to support the placement of the titanium tooth roots. Does this mean that you cannot have dental implants if you experienced jawbone deterioration? If you have a thin jawbone due to various causes, you can still have all the benefits of an implant treatment with the help of mini dental implants.


Mini dental implants are smaller in diameter compared to conventional implants. Those who have thin jawbones will benefit from mini implants because these can be placed even on jawbones that have deteriorated, which is not possible to do with the bigger traditional implants. The smaller sized implants also eliminate the need for more complex treatments such as a bone graft and a sinus graft and are placed using a minimally invasive method into the jawbone.

Dentures are usually stabilised using mini implants. Teeth replacements can immediately be attached to the implants once they are loaded into the jawbone. The benefits of an implant treatment at Dental Implant Group can immediately be enjoyed, within the same day that the procedure is done. Denture wearers can say goodbye to loose denture problems with the help of mini dental implants, which also give patients a shorter downtime and healing period.

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