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Smile Upgrade with Same Day Teeth

Do you want to improve your smile? Are you tired and embarrassed about being toothless? Dental implants are the most ideal solutions for your missing teeth problems because they restore the proper function and healthy appearance of your smile. However, if you do not want to commit to the long waiting period for the implants to heal before teeth replacements can be loaded, you may want to check the option of having same day teeth implants instead.

A same day fixed teeth treatment at Dental Implant Group involves the placement of the dental implants in your jaw and connecting the corresponding teeth restoration all within one dental appointment. The procedure, which is also called All on 4, uses four implants placed strategically on the jaw to maximise the existing bone structure, and placed using a minimally invasive technique; this method makes it possible to eliminate complex procedures such as bone grafting and sinus lifting. The implants and teeth replacement can be used immediately, in the same treatment day.

You can enjoy an immediate smile upgrade with same day dental implants. You will not have to worry about spending a long period of time waiting for the implants to heal before you can have permanent teeth replacements. You will also be able to enjoy a shorter downtime, less discomfort, and fewer visits to the dentist. Jawbone deterioration will also be prevented because the implants will continue to stimulate the bone.

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