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What to Do with One Lost Tooth?

Losing one tooth may not seem like such a catastrophe, but this situation will still need to be solved if you want to prevent other dental problems from developing. If you have one missing tooth, you may want to just ignore the problem – after all, it’s just one tooth. However, this single missing tooth can still greatly affect the function and appearance of your smile.

one lost tooth

If you lose one tooth – especially if it is located in the front of your mouth – your whole smile will look incomplete. This one-tooth gap will make your smile look unattractive and unhealthy. The surrounding teeth can also shift with the gap caused by one missing tooth and can change your entire bite. Chewing and eating food may also be affected even with just one lost tooth.

A Dental Implant to Replace a Single Lost Tooth

A dental implant treatment at the Dental Implant Group will effectively solve the problems caused by a single missing tooth. The implant is embedded into the jawbone where the tooth loss is located, and will then be attached to a dental crown. The crown serves as the tooth replacement so that your smile looks complete once more.

An implant treatment also prevents jawbone deterioration. The single tooth loss includes losing the function of a tooth root, which is responsible for stimulating the jawbone in that specific area. Replacing the missing tooth root with an implant ensures that the stimulation will be continued, preventing bone deterioration.

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