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All on 4 Dental Implant Treatment Benefits

The healing period for traditional dental implants usually takes a few months to be completed. For people who are suffering from missing teeth problems, this long wait may be too much to handle with uncomfortable and sometimes awkward-looking temporary teeth restorations. The benefits of the implant treatment will not be enjoyed fully until the completion of the healing period.

all on 4 treatment

Do you want a quicker way to enjoy the benefits of dental implants? At the Dental Implant Group, we offer All on 4 implants that let you have all the advantages of an implant treatment within one day, without waiting for a healing period to be finished when you undergo a traditional dental implant procedure.

What are the Benefits of an All on 4 Treatment?

Immediate Improvements – You can fully enjoy the functional and aesthetic improvements immediately brought by the All on 4 dental implants. Your smile will look complete and healthy once more, and you can enjoy eating your favourite food items immediately after the treatment, which is completed in a single dental appointment.

Less Discomfort – The procedure is minimally-invasive, which translates to less discomfort and a shorter downtime/recovery period. You can go back to doing normal daily activities immediately after the implants are placed.

Loose Denture Problems Solved – All on 4 dental implants are used to secure loose dentures, so they will not move around inside the mouth. Problems with discomfort and embarrassment with ill-fitting dentures are solved within a single dental appointment!

More Affordable – Fewer expenses are incurred with this treatment because complicated procedures (such as a bone graft) are avoided. The overall cost is also reduced because there is no need for numerous dental appointments to complete the treatment.

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