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What to Do with a Lost Tooth filling

A tooth filling is used to restore the proper function of a tooth that has been damaged through tooth decay or injury. The filling material is used to take up space where the decayed tooth structure used to be, and also works to protect the rest of the tooth from further damage. The tooth filling may fall out of the tooth because of a variety of reasons, such as due to excessive force when biting or chewing on food, or when the tooth is used as a tool. In these cases, it is important to seek urgent attention from your dentist to have the issue addressed immediately.

Losing your tooth filling is a problem, but you should not be worried too much as this issue can easily be solved by your dentist. However, you can do certain things to ensure that losing your tooth filling does not lead to a more serious dental problem and to avoid unnecessary discomfort. If you can still locate the filling inside your mouth – as opposed to accidentally swallowing it – you need to spit it out to prevent it from getting lodged anywhere else inside the mouth in a painful manner. Removing it inside the mouth will also prevent accidentally passing it through your lungs, which may trigger an infection.

Call your dentist to schedule an appointment so that you can have the filling replaced. Prior to your appointment, it is important to maintain good oral hygiene to protect the exposed tooth from infection and further damage. The cavity will attract food debris, so make sure that you gently brush that area and keep it clean before it can be protected with dental filling once more.

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