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How to Avoid Dental Problems during the Holiday Season

The Christmas holiday season is filled with parties and events that are loaded with good food and even better company. With all the sumptuous food items spread out, it is quite tempting to forget about diets and about good oral health practices during this season. However, a certain amount of control should still be followed to ensure that you will still have healthy, beautiful teeth even after all the festivities of the season have come to an end.

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Drink alcoholic beverages in moderation. Not only can these drinks impair your judgment and possibly cause embarrassing moments, but they can also be harmful to your teeth. The acid content of wine and beer can wear down tooth enamel; red wine, on the other hand, can stain your teeth. Keep the alcoholic beverage-drinking to a minimum so you can enjoy the parties even more as a sober individual, and to protect your teeth from harm.

Sweet treats are abundant this season, and you can still partake of these goodies – but again, in moderation. The hard, sticky treats may cause cracked or chipped teeth, and high sugar content can lead to tooth decay. It is also important to go to any scheduled dental appointments so you do not miss taking care of your teeth even in the midst of all the hectic holiday parties you are attending.

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