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The Work of Fin Implants

The loss of natural teeth will have a significant impact not only on your appearance, but on your well-being as a whole. The moment you lose even a single tooth, your smile will immediately look unattractive and incomplete with the unsightly space. The way you speak will also be affected – the toothless gap will create a problem with speaking clearly, and you may find it difficult to pronounce words. Meal times will become uncomfortable, and mingling with others may become embarrassing to do with a smile full of toothless spaces.

Fin Implants

Dental implants are ideal solutions to tooth loss problems. The implants are embedded into the jawbone to stimulate the bone tissue, and will then be attached to teeth restorations such as dental crowns, or a dental bridge. However, there are times when it is not possible to place conventional dental implants, such as when the jawbone has undergone deterioration. This is where fin implants come in to the rescue.

Fin implants are used in lieu of conventional dental implants if the jawbone does not have the sufficient width or height. In the past, only those with sufficient jawbone mass can have dental implants. The fin implants are specifically designed to be placed on thin jaw ridges, making it possible for even those with previously considered as insufficient jawbone structures to enjoy the benefits of a dental implant treatment.

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