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Conscious Sedation for Dental Anxiety

Do you feel nervous when you need to go to the dentist? If you suffer from dental anxiety, you may experience extreme stress whenever you need to go into a dental clinic for a treatment, or even for a simple dental hygiene appointment. You may even find yourself looking for reasons not to go through with the trip to see the dentist because of this anxiety. As a result, your dental health may suffer due to irregular dental visits.

Your dental fear may stem from a variety of reasons, such as fear of pain. No one wants to go through a painful procedure which, unfortunately, is synonymous to dental treatments. Fear of needles is another reason why some patients find it nerve-wracking to go for a dental treatment, which may or may not involve an injection. The sound of the dental drill may also increase the anxiety level of an already stressed patient.

Conscious sedation can help you deal with dental anxiety. The sedative is administered through an IV line and will place you in a very relaxed state of mind. While under sedation, you will still be able to understand the dentist’s instructions, and you will remain fully conscious all throughout the procedure – but you will not remember the uncomfortable parts. Conscious sedation will help you have your dental treatment in a positive experience, without having to deal with an anxiety attack in the process.

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