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Supersized Benefits of Mini Implants

Why would anyone choose something small, when you can have the regular or even the supersized version? This way of thinking may be true in other life aspects, but it doesn’t necessarily hold true when it comes to dental implants. Mini implants are no less efficient than their traditionally-sized counterparts – in fact, there are cases when the mini dental implants are the only options available for missing teeth problems.

Mini dental implants are the ideal options for replacing missing teeth in cases when the patient’s jawbone has deteriorated. The jawbone deteriorates due to long-term tooth loss; without the natural tooth roots, the jawbone structure suffers from the passage of time and progressively becomes thinner. The implants, smaller in diameter than conventional dental implants, are just the right size to be placed on thin jawbones which do not have the capability of supporting larger implant sizes.

The mini implants are placed on the jawbone using a minimally-invasive method, which does not require the gums to be cut and then eventually closed with stitches. This makes the recovery period much shorter, compared to using conventional implants. A number of implants are placed on the jaw and then attached to a fixed bridge to restore both the normal use and attractive appearance of the smile.

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