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Do You have Teeth Grinding Troubles?

Do you know what happens when you grind your teeth? What you think is a harmless habit may very well be the cause of serious dental problems in the future. Whenever you clench your jaw to gnash your teeth together, your dental health may be facing a number of potential damage concerns that can take away the attractive appearance and normal function of your smile.

The protective enamel of your teeth takes a beating every time you grind your teeth. This habit places enormous pressure on your teeth, causing the enamel to be worn out prematurely. Do you have sensitive teeth? That may be the result of your teeth grinding habit; as the enamel wears away, the sensitive inner portion of teeth become exposed, causing discomfort or sensitivity every time you consume something hot/cold. The gums can also be harmed and may eventually recede due to long-term teeth grinding problems; gum recession can cause teeth sensitivity as the tooth roots become exposed from under the gum line.

Your jaw also suffers the consequences of teeth grinding troubles. Every time the jaw is clenched, the jaw joints experience unnecessary and extreme pressure, which leads to the gradual damage of the jaw joints. This is the reason why those who habitually clench or grind their teeth often suffer from jaw pain.

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