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Six Months to a Straighter Smile

The road to a straighter smile can be a long one, especially if traditional dental braces are involved. The results from using metal braces can take a few years to be seen, depending on the severity of the case and other factors. Solving teeth alignment problems can dramatically improve a smile, but not everyone wants to spend a few years dealing with the discomfort and embarrassment of a mouth filled with metal brackets & wires.

Are you interested in straightening your teeth in a shorter timeframe? An orthodontic treatment can now be completed in less than a year’s time, with the Six Month Smiles method. This advanced technique uses gentle forces with almost invisible wires and brackets to improve the alignment of crooked teeth. This is ideal for teeth that are overcrowded, or for cases when teeth have shifted again after a previous orthodontic treatment. The teeth straightening is completed in an average time of just 6 months, which is about 1/3 of the time usually spent with a conventional dental braces treatment.

Aside from the shorter timeframe involved with the Six Month Smiles system, another benefit to be enjoyed is its ability to straighten teeth in a discreet manner. The nearly invisible wires and brackets move teeth gently to a straighter position without anyone else knowing about the procedure, making it easier to smile confidently while undergoing an orthodontic treatment. The 6 Month Smiles method is minimally intrusive and will not interfere significantly with daily activities and normal smile aesthetics.

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