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Long-term Solutions to Denture Problems

Dentures provide a quick, minimally invasive solution to missing teeth problems. As soon as the teeth go missing, one can have a set of dentures easily created to bring back the normal use and appearance of the lost teeth. However, the comfortable fit of the dentures is not designed for long-term enjoyment as a missing teeth solution. When they are used for a long period of time, the teeth restorations will gradually loosen and will cause a number of problems associated with discomfort and embarrassment.

Dentures will eventually become loose with the passage of time because of their removable nature. The jawbone underneath undergoes deterioration due to the loss of stimulation from the tooth roots (which were lost along with the natural teeth). As the jawbone becomes thinner, the once comfortable-fitting dentures will also become looser, which will, in turn, result in functional and aesthetic problems. The dentures that were used to solve missing teeth will then become the source of a different problem altogether!

Dental implants offer an ideal solution to missing teeth and are also used to solve problems with loose dentures. The implants are inserted into the jawbone to serve as a firm base where the teeth restorations, such as a dental crown or a dental bridge, can be attached to. The implants will also take on the role of stimulating the jawbone to prevent bone thinning (or stop its progression). Denture problems can be solved by fixing the dental bridge in place with the implants to ease a patient’s discomfort and embarrassment over using the removable teeth restorations.

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