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Single Tooth Loss Solution with a Dental Implant

Losing one tooth can be as problematic as losing several natural teeth. The tooth may have been lost due to a sport accident which resulted in a knocked-out tooth. Or you may have lost the tooth to decay, or due to an impacted wisdom tooth problem. Regardless of the reason for the tooth loss, it is important to address the problem soon to avoid further complications – and also to ensure that your smile remains attractive without an unsightly gap.

A dental implant from the Dental Implant Group is the ideal solution for your missing tooth problem. The artificial implant is placed directly into the jawbone, where it will be left to integrate with the surrounding bone tissue during the healing period. After this period is completed, the implant can then be connected to a dental crown to restore the function and the normal appearance of the smile after losing a natural tooth.

It may seem like a single tooth loss can be left alone, but problems can still arise from that one missing tooth if it is not treated. The surrounding teeth can shift and cause problems with proper alignment, while the aesthetics of the smile suffers greatly even with that single lost tooth. The smile will look incomplete and unattractive even with the small space created with one missing tooth.

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