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Common Causes of Teeth Stains

Do you have stained teeth? Teeth discolouration can dramatically reduce the attractiveness of your smile. Even slight teeth darkening can make you look much older and unhealthy. Cosmetic dentistry treatments such as teeth whitening are used to improve the brightness of the smile. Stubborn stains that cannot be removed by whitening can be solved with veneers, which are used to cover the entire tooth to improve its appearance.

Going to the dentist for professional teeth whitening is the best option to solve your stained teeth problems. It will also help for you to know more about the most common causes of teeth stains, so you can do your part in avoiding this problem in the first place. Teeth discolouration is commonly caused by what you eat and drink. You may find your smile becoming less bright as the years go by if you are fond of drinking black tea, coffee, red wine, or soda. The same can be said for teeth-staining food items such as berries and beets. Certain medications can also cause the teeth to go darker with the passage of time.

Your lifestyle choices can also affect the brightness of your smile. If you have a smoking habit, you should not be surprised to see a dark hue slowly creeping over your pearly whites. Nicotine stains also contribute to the unattractive discolouration of teeth, but these stains can be removed by your dentist. Quit smoking, and your teeth – as well as your overall health – will thank you for it!

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