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Sensitive Teeth Solutions

Do you feel a stabbing pain when you drink something cold or hot? Are you scared to eat your favourite food items because you know that your teeth will feel pain while eating? If you have sensitive teeth, it is difficult to enjoy all of your meals because you are well aware that even the slightest change in temperature will bring a great deal of discomfort. Do not be a prisoner to teeth sensitivity, and fight back against this dental problem!

What causes sensitive teeth? This condition develops when the tooth’s protective enamel layer gets worn from a number of causes, such as an aggressive tooth brushing technique. The harder your tooth brushing strokes are, the more worn your tooth enamel will become. Consuming too many acidic drinks and food items (such as fruit juices) can also cause enamel erosion. Sensitive teeth can also arise with gum recession, as the tooth root gets exposed with the receding of the gum tissue.

You can still enjoy your meals – and your life – even if you have sensitive teeth. Ask your dentist for treatments for teeth sensitivity, such as fluoride varnishes or rinses which can help protect your teeth from further erosion or tooth decay. You can also use toothpaste specially formulated for sensitive teeth, to help prevent the pain from tooth sensitivity.

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