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Dental Implants for Better Speech

When you lose your teeth, you will immediately be faced with a number of problems concerning the form and function of your smile. Your appearance will instantly change when you lose some or all of your teeth, making you look much older. Without a complete set of teeth, you will also look extremely unhealthy; because of these changes, it is understandable for you to feel insecure as you go about trying to deal with your toothless condition.

Another problem that arises with a missing teeth problem involves the way you speak. When you lose even one tooth, the way you speak will immediately change; this is especially true when the tooth loss is in the front part of your mouth. Your naturally clear speech will suddenly become difficult to understand, and the situation can be aggravated with a pronounced lisp (because of the missing tooth or teeth).

How can you improve your speech after losing your natural teeth? Dental implants from the Dental Implant Group in London can restore not only the beauty of your smile – it can also bring back your normal, clear speech. The implants, which are embedded into the jawbone, are attached to teeth replacements that close the gaps caused by missing teeth. As the gaps are closed, you will be able to speak normally once more. Those around you will no longer have to struggle to understand you, and you can again feel confident with engaging others in conversation, armed with a completely healthy smile.

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