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Loose Denture Problems Solved with Dental Implants

Dentures replace the form and function of missing teeth in a quick way. The removable nature of dentures, however, poses problems especially if the teeth replacements are used for a long period of time without addressing possible issues with jawbone deterioration.

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Dental implants at the Dental Implant Group in London are ideal solutions for missing teeth problems, and also solve the long-term issue of jawbone deterioration, which is not addressed with a set of removable dentures. Implants provide both functional and aesthetic improvements in a smile which has suffered from tooth loss.

Implants help solve problems associated with loose dentures, such as:

Painful Denture Use – As dentures move, they rub repeatedly against soft inner mouth parts and may cause painful mouth sores to form. Loose dentures also rub uncomfortably against the gums. Dental implants are used to hold teeth restorations securely in place so that they will not move around uncontrollably inside the mouth to stop the pain and discomfort.

Difficulty in Chewing and Eating – Meal times can be challenging times for those with loose dentures, as it is difficult to chew and eat with loose dentures inside the mouth. Dental implants securely hold teeth replacements in place so they can be used to properly and easily chew on food.

Embarrassment – Loose dentures can suddenly fall off from the mouth, and cause other embarrassing episodes resulting from the uncontrollable movement. An implant treatment can secure the teeth restorations and end the embarrassment of having ill-fitting dentures.

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