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Get Gorgeous Smiles with Veneers in London

The slightest imperfection in your teeth can greatly affect your smile. As you open your mouth to talk or to smile, your teeth will be in focus – and any damage or discolouration will easily be seen by other people. If you have severely discoloured or decayed teeth, you can turn to dental veneers at the Dental Implant Group to improve the appearance of your smile.


Veneers to Improve Your Smile

Veneers are ultra-thin porcelain shells that are placed on the front surface of the teeth to improve the appearance of:

  • Decayed teeth – A decayed tooth takes on a rotten appearance, which looks unhealthy in your smile. Veneers are used to cover the decayed front portion of an affected tooth so that it looks healthy once more.
  • Chipped or cracked teeth – Cracks and chips on a tooth can effectively be covered by a porcelain veneer.
  • Crooked teeth – Minor teeth misalignment can be corrected with the help of dental veneers.
  • Irregularly-shaped teeth – Teeth that have irregular shapes can be improved with veneers, making your smile more attractive.
  • Stained or discoloured teeth – Severe stains and discolourations on the surface of teeth that cannot be removed with teeth whitening treatments can be covered with dental veneers.
  • Spaces or gaps between teeth – Minor gaps or spaces between teeth make your smile incomplete-looking. Veneers are used to close these unsightly gaps to give you a healthy-looking smile.

Do you want to make your smile more beautiful? Are you interested in having dental veneers to improve the beauty of your smile? Please come and visit us at the Dental Implant Group in London so we can talk more about the benefits of a veneers treatment.

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