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A Life Full of Smiles – Even After Losing All your Teeth

Losing all of your teeth is an event that will change your life. The things that you once took for granted as part of your daily activities – such as eating your favourite food, smiling, laughing, speaking clearly – can be challenging to do when you have no teeth. The normal things that you once did can become a burden with all teeth missing.

A toothless state has a negative effect not only on your appearance but can also affect your self-confidence; it is difficult to smile confidently without teeth. The embarrassment of missing all of your teeth is further aggravated by the discomfort of having to use your gums to bite and chew your food. Your once-favourite meals may be a burden to go through with all teeth missing.

Have you lost all of your teeth? Do you feel helpless and hopeless because you do not have teeth? At the Dental Implant Group London, we offer you a chance to enjoy a high quality of life once more, with the help of dental implants.

Full Mouth Reconstruction for All Missing Teeth

A full mouth reconstruction can be done to give you a healthy, beautiful smile again – even after suffering from the loss of all your natural teeth. Dr. Balwant Vekaria of the Dental Implant Group in London is one of the most experienced implants dentists in the UK and has received international awards for his work on same –day complete smile reconstructions. You can rest assured that your smile reconstruction will be in the best and most caring of hands with Dr. Vekaria.

Do you want to bring back confident, beautiful smiles? Are you interested in learning more about a smile reconstruction? We invite you to come in for a free implant consultation at the Dental Implant Group in London, where we will discuss the available options for all teeth missing problems.

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