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Dealing with Painful Mouth Sores

Mouth sores can be painful and irritating, especially if they are located in an area that often gets disturbed when you move your lips, teeth, or tongue. These sores can also be a source of embarrassment if they are visible when the mouth is opened, or when they are on the lip areas. Mouth ulcers can be caused by viral, fungal, or bacterial infections, but they can also be caused by trauma to the inner mouth parts. A mouth sore can form when you bite your inner cheek, tongue, or inner lip; ulcers can also form when dental appliances (such as dental braces or dentures) repeatedly rub against soft inner mouth tissue.

Canker sores will usually heal even without treatment after one or two weeks. If symptoms persist much longer than that, you will need to have the sore checked by your dentist to determine which treatment will be needed. To deal with the pain of mouth sores, you can turn to over the counter antibacterial mouthwashes that will help fight the bacteria to hasten the healing process. Topical medications that are available over the counter can also help soothe the pain caused by these sores.

Avoid eating spicy food items that can further irritate the sores, making them more painful and prolonging their healing process. You can also turn to natural sources for mouth sores treatment. Coconut oil and honey applied directly to the sores provide a soothing salve to ease the pain, while eating yoghurt can help balance the bacteria inside your mouth to heal the sores faster.

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