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Are You Worried about Getting Dental Implants?

Do you want to put an end to your missing teeth problems? If you have lost your teeth, you are probably looking for ways to solve this issue as soon as possible. Dental implants are ideal solutions for missing teeth problems, and they work on restoring the form and function of lost natural teeth. Implants combined with teeth restorations are more natural-looking and better-fitting compared to removable dentures. However, not everyone may be keen on getting implants at first, due to a few fears. At Dental Implant Group London, we are dedicated to helping you overcome those fears so you can make that life-changing decision to have an implant treatment.

One of the most common fears about getting dental implants is the pain that most people associated with the treatment. Implants are placed using a surgical procedure, so it is natural to assume that a great deal of pain will be experienced during the implant placement. A dental implant treatment can be painless and free from anxiety with the help of conscious sedation, which is a treatment method offered to help nervous patients have a more comfortable experience.

Under conscious sedation, the sedative will be administered intravenously. This sedative will work on making you feel completely relaxed so that you will feel no anxiety or fear during the treatment. You will be conscious throughout the procedure, and will still be able to understand instructions from the dentist. An anaesthetic will ensure that you will feel no pain as the implants are placed. Afterwards, you will not remember the unpleasant portions of the implant treatment.

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