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Causes of Jawbone Deterioration

The jawbone becomes thinner when its healthy structure deteriorates. This results in a visible change in the appearance especially in the mouth area, which will take on a sunken and unhealthy look. Jawbone thinning will also have a negative effect on the way removable dentures fit inside the mouth. Dentures that are worn long-term will eventually become loose because of the continuous thinning of the jawbone underneath the gums.

What are the most common causes of jawbone deterioration?

Tooth loss – When natural teeth are lost, the tooth roots are lost in a corresponding manner. The jawbone undergoes deterioration without the presence of these tooth roots, which are responsible for stimulating the bone tissue to preserve healthy bone structure. If tooth loss is not addressed early enough, the jawbone will continue to deteriorate with the passage of time. Dental implants are ideal missing teeth solutions that also prevent jawbone deterioration by stimulating the bone.

Severe gum disease – Severe gum disease affects not only the gums but the underlying bone structure as well. When the jawbone underneath the gums is damaged due to progressive gum problems, tooth loss may not be far behind because the tissues supporting the teeth have been negatively affected.

Improper teeth alignment – Misaligned teeth have a tendency to grind unnaturally against the opposing teeth. This constant pressure can harm the jawbone, which will then undergo deterioration if the misalignment problem is not solved.

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