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Are Dental Implants Worth the Cost?

One of the most important considerations that come with a dental implant treatment is the cost. Those who have missing teeth may be hesitant in considering dental implants because of the perceived notion that the cost will be extremely high. This is especially true in cases when there is no information as to what is included in the treatment cost, and when the numerous advantages of having dental implants are not fully considered.

Are dental implants worth the cost? It will be beneficial to know more about the factors that make up the overall treatment expenses. Included in the treatment cost are:

•The initial assessment of the patient’s missing teeth problems, and the suitability for an implant treatment
•The necessary diagnostic tests (dental CT scans, dental X-rays) as part of treatment planning
•Type of dental implant to be used
•Number of dental implants to restore the form and function of missing teeth
•Teeth restoration (dental crowns, dental bridge)
•Advanced treatments needed, such as bone grafts or nerve repositioning
•Dental surgeon’s experience and skill
•Facilities, technology, and services of the dental clinic
•Use of anaesthesia
•Aftercare services

Dental implant benefits more than justify the cost of the treatment. The complete restoration of the healthy form and function of the smile, which will be enjoyed for a long period of time, will be an extremely positive result that is worthy of the cost involved for the dental implant procedure.

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