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Bone Grafting to Improve the Jawbone

Dental implants are ideal solutions to missing teeth. The titanium tooth roots are implanted into the jawbone to serve as a firm base to where teeth replacements can then be attached, to completely restore the proper function and form of the smile. However, there are times when an implant treatment may not be possible – such as when the jawbone has undergone deterioration and does not have sufficient thickness to support implant placement. In such cases, bone grafting may be needed.

The quality of the jawbone is important in the placement of dental implants. If the jawbone is thin or insufficient, it may not provide enough support for the implants. A bone graft at the Dental Implant Group London is done to improve the quality of the jawbone so that dental implants can successfully be placed in that specific area. Bone grafting makes it possible for a patient with a thin or compromised jawbone to still get all the benefits of an implant treatment.

The grafting material used in a bone graft can be harvested from the patient’s own body. The material is then placed on top or the sides of the jawbone; in other cases, whole blocks of bone are used to improve the quality of the jawbone, with the blocks held in place by small bone screws. The grafting material will then need to go through a healing phase to allow the graft to integrate with the surrounding tissue. Once healed, the implants can then be attached to artificial teeth.

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