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Why Do You Have Sensitive Teeth?

When you have sensitive teeth, you are probably familiar with that sudden twinge of pain that accompanies the consumption of something extremely cold or hot. Even brushing your teeth can sometimes lead to discomfort, as sensitivity can be triggered by pressure on the teeth. Do you know why you have sensitive teeth? It is best to get in touch with your dentist to check what exactly caused this problem, so you can get the appropriate treatment.

Here are the most common causes of sensitive teeth:

-Brushing the teeth too hard – this can lead to premature erosion of the tooth enamel
-Heavy or regular consumption of acidic food and drinks
-Receding gums – gum recession exposes the tooth roots, leading to sensitive teeth
-Plaque buildup – plaque buildup can contribute to gum disease and tooth decay
-Enamel erosion – erosion of the enamel exposes the inner tooth area, making teeth sensitive
-Teeth grinding – unnecessary force from teeth grinding can wear down tooth enamel and make the gums recede
-Cracked or decayed tooth – a damaged tooth can be sensitive to pressure and temperature changes

There is no need for you to suffer for a long time from the discomfort brought by tooth sensitivity. Your dentist will be able to check your teeth to determine which treatment will give the best results when it comes to treating your sensitive teeth problem, so you can lead a life without pain and discomfort from teeth sensitivity issues.

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