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Why do People have Bad Breath?

A bad breath problem may not be visible on the appearance of your smile, but it is still one of the most embarrassing dental problems you can experience. Even if you have a great-looking smile, you may eventually find your social life suffering as people around you discover that you have not-so-fresh smelling breath. Getting to the bottom of what causes your bad breath can help you solve this frustrating problem.

Poor oral hygiene is one of the leading causes of bad breath. You just can’t expect your breath to smell fresh if you can’t even be bothered to regularly brush your teeth! Going to the dentist is also a must if you want to achieve or maintain good-smelling breath; your hygienist can give you expert advice on how to combat the foul smells coming from your mouth. Regular dental check-ups can also help in the detection of dental problems such as tooth decay, which may be the cause of bad breath.

Strong-smelling food items, such as onions and garlic, can also play a role in the development of bad breath. The strong odours of these food items may stay inside the mouth, especially if tooth brushing and using dental flossing are not done regularly. On the other hand, smoking not only leads to a host of medical conditions, this habit also makes your breath smell the worst.

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