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When is Oral Surgery Needed?

Taking care of your dental health is necessary for you to enjoy your beautiful smiles for a longer time. Good dental hygiene is also important if you want to avoid having to go through complicated and more expensive treatments to deal with serious dental problems. Going to regular dental check-ups can help ensure that your teeth are free from dental problems, and the dentist can also detect the earliest signs of these problems so they can be treated before they can become complicated.

When simpler treatments are not enough to deal with the underlying dental problems, oral surgery may be recommended by your dentist. This involves the management and treatment of dental problems with the use of a surgical procedure. Some of the conditions that can be treated with oral surgical procedures include the following:

Missing Teeth – Dental implants are ideal solutions for missing teeth issues. The implants are inserted into the jawbone using a surgical procedure. Dental implants take on the role of lost tooth roots and prevent the jawbone from deteriorating. The implants are then attached to teeth restorations such as dental crowns or a dental bridge to fully restore the normal appearance and use of the smile.

Impacted Teeth – Impacted wisdom teeth are the molars which may grow sideways instead of emerging upwards fully from under the gum line. The sideways growth creates pain as the tooth pushes against the surrounding teeth. If the tooth becomes decayed, oral surgery may be needed to cut through the gums and extract the tooth.

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