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What Options do you Have for your Missing Teeth?

What should you do when you lose your teeth? This event can trigger a series of other problems, making it even more important for you to address the situation as soon as possible. When you go to your Dental Implant Group dentist in London, you will be given all the options available so you can make the best decision for your missing teeth condition. The options will depend on a variety of factors, such as the number of teeth lost, the condition of your jawbone, your overall dental health, and others.

Dentures used to be known as the only solution to missing teeth. The dentures are created following the specifications and measurements of the patient’s mouth, ensuring that the fit is as comfortable as it can be. However, dentures can cause embarrassing and painful problems with long-term use. The removable dentures are designed to be placed on top of the gums and does not address the issue of lost tooth roots. Without the tooth roots, the jawbone – along with the gum structure – will deteriorate and become thinner over time. Dentures will eventually become loose, making its use uncomfortable and embarrassing.

The most ideal solution for missing teeth is a dental implant treatment. Implants are inserted into the jawbone and replace the role of lost tooth roots in stimulating the jawbone, to prevent bone deterioration. The implants are then connected to teeth replacements such as a fixed dental bridge (for multiple missing teeth or all teeth missing), or dental crowns (for one or a few missing teeth). Dental implants restore the normal use and form of a smile, giving you a chance at fully enjoying life once more after the loss of your natural teeth.

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