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What Makes your Smile Look Old?

Does your smile make you look younger, or does it make you look more advanced in age? If you have perfectly straight, white teeth, then your smile most probably gives your face a youthful glow you can always be proud of. However, if you have dental problems, your smile most likely reflects more than your actual age; this can make you look prematurely old in the eyes of those around you.

There are a number of dental problems that can make you look a lot older, and may also give you an extremely unhealthy appearance. Tooth loss can instantly transform your appearance into a much older one, more so because the loss of natural teeth is closely associated with old age. Those unsightly spaces in your smile dramatically and negatively alter your look. Decayed teeth, especially those that can easily be seen when the mouth is opened, also contribute to that older appearance.

Are your teeth bright and white? If not, then stained teeth may be the reason why your smile looks old. Along with missing teeth, stained teeth are closely associated with people of more advanced age; if your teeth are dark, it is easy to (wrongly) assume that you are much older than your actual age. Those with loose denture problems generally have smiles that look older, especially if the dentures can be seen moving uncontrollably.

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