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The Ultimate Complete Smile Makeover & Reconstruction.
UK’s Leading Missing Teeth Clinics.
For Those with No Teeth or Who’s Teeth are in Poor Condition.

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    Dr Vekaria is one of UK’s most experienced Implant Dentists from Single Implants to Same day Complete Smile Reconstructions with Dental ‘All on 4’ & ‘All on 6 dental implants. The latest options in ‘Teeth in a Day’, that looks and functions like real teeth.

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    General Dental Council Number: 56005

    Dr Balwant Vekaria B.Ch.D. (1981) Leeds (DUI Lille, France -Implantology) Associate Fellow AAID

    • Award Winning International Lecturer on Implantology at the AAID U.S.A
    • 30 Years’ Implantology Experience
    • Over 10,000 Implants Successfully Placed since 1986.

    Dr Vekaria of The Dental Implant Group offers ground-breaking solutions for multiple, ‘all missing’ teeth, loose teeth, and for those who are looking for permanent fixed teeth solutions, eliminating partial or full dentures forever.



    Missing One or Multiple Teeth? See Your Options

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    Two Treatment Options

    Same-Day Fixed Teeth (Dental Bridge)Full Smile Reconstruction and Smile Design (4-6 Dental Implants).
    A More Affordable Solution for Those with No Teeth.

    Who is it For?

    For those with no teeth or people who do not like the idea of wearing dentures. This is a more affordable solution.

    The Treatment & Benefits

    • 4-6 Dental Implant Supported by a Hybrid Dental Bridge made of Acyclic.
    • Implants and a temporary dental bridge are usually placed on day one (so you can walkout of surgery with a new smile.)
    • The final bespoke Dental Bridge is placed in approximately 3 months time.
    • Fixed teeth mean that you can eat & chew with confidence.
    • Natural looking teeth and smile.

    How Does it Work?

    • When a person has no teeth in their upper or lower jaw, 4-6 Dental implants are used per jaw to support a bespoke designed dental bridge.
    • The number of implants used is determined by the condition and amount of jaw bone to support your teeth.

    Next Step: Book Your Free Consultation with Dr Vekaria.

    This is an opportunity for us to assess your teeth condition and discuss the options. We always all welcome questions. Speak to Shazia our Practice Manager.
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    Clinics in Victoria & Islington (London)

    0% Finance and Low Cost Monthly Payment Plans Available.

    Terms and Conditions Apply.

    How Much Does it Cost?

    Same-day Full arch Fixed Acrylic Hybrid Bridge Supported by 4-6 Dental Implants

    Option A) ‘All on 4’ Acrylic hybrid bridge fixed on 4 implants (includes extractions). Clear Prices & Options>

    Option B) ‘All on 6’ Acrylic hybrid bridge fixed on 6 implants (includes extractions). Clear Prices & Options>

    Same-day Full-arch Fixed Porcelain Bridge on Dental Implants

    Option A) 10 Unit Porcelain Bridge on 6 Implants (includes extractions). Clear Prices & Options>

    Option B) 14 Unit Porcelain Bridge on 10 Implants (includes extractions). Clear Prices & Options>

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    Advanced Smile MakeoverA Life Changing Treatment to Restore Your Smile, Oral Health, Aesthetics and Function.

    Who is it For? For those with:

    • No teeth
    • Not enough jaw bone to support Implants (we can rebuild your jaw-bone)
    • Dentures (and are unhappy with them)
    • Teeth that are in generally in poor condition
    • Misaligned / Crooked Teeth
    • Severe Decay & Loose Teeth
    • Medical Conditions Eg: Diabetes
    • Gum Disease
    • Smoking-related bone-loss (and had no options but to loose your teeth)
    • Gummy Smile
    • Discoloured Teeth


    How long Does Treatment Take?

    Usually, the temporary smile (whilst we prepare your actual teeth design) can be made in one day on your first treatment visit. The Treatment will be conducted in stages over a period of 6 months to a year.

    How Much Does it Cost? Clear Prices & Options>

    • This is a bespoke treatment and treatment fees and quotation are provided after conducting a detailed examination of your teeth.
    • As with all our treatment plans, you will receive a written treatment plan with a detailed costing breakdown which will enable you to decide to commence your treatment.
    • Typically the fees are on average between £15,000 to £25,000 (per arch/jaw), depending on the treatment types involved in constructing your Smile Makeover.

    Spread Your Payments

    0% Finance is available between 6-36 Months
    *Subject to Status.



    Treatment May Include:

    • Eight or more Dental Implants per Jaw with individual
    • Dental Crowns per Implant (or a Dental Bridge)
    • Advanced Periodontal Treatment (Gum Health)
    • Orthodontics
    • Teeth Whitening
    • Replacement Fillings
    • Cosmetic Crowns or Veneers
    • Bone or Sinus Grafting if required to help build your smile or face and support Implants.

    Overall whatever it takes to give you the most natural and long-lasting smile.



    This Treatment will give you a new set of teeth that is the closest thing to your natural teeth or better, restoring aesthetics and function. Teeth are designed to look as natural as possible.

    Patients feel an overwhelming sense of improved confidence and can enjoy their lives with better social interactions.

    This treatment can also give you a more youthful smile an in some cases can improve your face shape as it was meant to be (for those that have no teeth).

    Next Step: Book Your Free Consultation with Dr Vekaria

    This is an opportunity for us to assess your teeth condition and discuss the options. We always all welcome questions.
    Speak to Shazia our Practice Manager below:

    ShaziaCall: 0800 731 5388btn-click-to-call-purple

    Lines open: 8am – 8pm Mon-Sat.
    Clinics in Victoria & Islington (London)

    People that We Have Helped

    At The Dental Implant Group you can be assured of the very best cutting-edge implant treatment & aesthetic smile design found anywhere in the world

    We Have Helped 100’s of Patients Who have
    had the Following Oral Health Issues and Concerns:

    • Many or All Missing Teeth
    • Loose Teeth due to Severe Gum Disease
    • Problems with Dentures
    • Dental Health issues due to Smoking
    • Dental Health issues due to Diabetes
    • Teeth loss due to an accident
    • Teeth loss due to an illness or health issues
    • Lack of Sufficient Jaw Bone
    • Teeth in general bad condition
    Book Your Complimentary Consultation
    with Dr Vekaria

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    Opening Hours: 8am – 8pm Mon-Sat.

    If you have dental anxiety or phobia, we know that taking the first step is not easy


    You may have been thinking about seeing a dentist for a long time. For over 30 years The Dental Implant Group are accustomed to caring for people who are filled with worry about their oral health. Call us for advise and guidance or Book Your Free Consultation
    0800 731 5388

    Why Choose The Dental Implant Group?dental-implant-group-london

    • Over 30 years’ of experience
    • Word-class expertise & technology to rebuild your smile
    • International award winning clinic
    • 100’s of happy patients
    • Successfully placed over 10,000 Implants since 1986.
    • Extensive experience in bone/sinus grafting
    • Most leading Implant systems used
    • Clear written fees & treatment plans
    • Accustomed to caring for nervous patients
    • In-house 3D Imaging Facial CT Scanner
    • Support and aftercare
    • Treatment Guaranteed for 5 Years
    • Free Initial Consultation


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