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The Need for Nerve Repositioning

A dental implant treatment seems to be pretty straightforward: place the implants in the jawbone; wait for the implants to heal (whenever necessary); and then attach the teeth restorations to the implants. These steps will depend on the individual patient’s case, and other factors concerning the entire implant treatment. For some situations, additional supporting treatments such as a nerve repositioning may be needed to ensure both the safety and success of the procedure.

Nerve repositioning is a technique done at the Dental Implant Group London as a supporting treatment prior to the placement of dental implants. This is usually performed when the patient has missing teeth in the back portion of the lower jaw, and implants are necessary in that area to restore the proper function of the smile. Nerve repositioning is done in cases when the specific portion of the lower jaw is not sufficiently robust for the successful placement of dental implants.

As the name suggests, this technique requires the repositioning of the inferior alveolar nerve – the nerve that supplies sensation to the lower lip and chin areas. This nerve will be delicately moved to a safer position so that it will not be harmed or accidentally touched during the placement of dental implants. The nerve repositioning technique is done to ensure the safety of this particular nerve during the implant treatment.

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